Survey & Interview: Fashion Thinking and Interaction Design

Research Purpose:

  • Explore the role of fashion in affecting designers’ design thinking and design practices

  • Understand how designers apply fashion thinking in solving design problems.

  • Collect examples of fashionable designs.

My Role:

  • Worked with advisor and HCI researchers in this project.
  • Created the research protocol, interview questions.
  • Conducted 35 surveys and 20 interviews with designers.
  • Performed qualitative data analysis.

Methods Used:

  • Interview, survey, affinity diagram, ground theory

Key Findings:

  • Fashion represents designers’ unique design perspectives.
  • Fashion pushes designers to learn and try new things.
  • Fashion plays an important role in different design stages, including user research, design iteration, prototyping etc.
  • Fashion can be used in design to help solve design problems.